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Using a small rectangular foamy board and fins, bodyboarding  is an easier way to discover the waves.
For beginners the small board is easier to handle and move.
It’s also a great way to catch bigger and/or more tubular waves and also to look and feel the waves with differents perspectives.
You can practice bodyboard laying on your belly «prone » or on one knee «drop-knee ». Julien et Sylvain are our spécialists, both fierce competitors. Sylvain earn title of French vice champion and Julien winning kneeboarding events with his super stylish style. Patience and exchange are their motto while teaching their passion.
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Including rental of the equipment : boards, fins and wetsuits.
Tuitions on adapted spots with bodyboard specialist instructors.

With or without transportation.

1 tuition : 49€ with minibus / 40 € meeting on the surf spot
2 tuitions: 95 € with minibus / 78 € meeting on the surf spot
3 tuitions : 129 € with minibus / 110 € meeting on the surf spot
4 tuitions : 162 € with minibus / 135 € meeting on the surf spot
5 tuitions : 195 € with minibus / 160 € meeting on the surf spot