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Surfing in Buch

Surfing in Buch Arcachon La Teste de Buch

Come practice in a relaxed, warm and professional atmosphere surfing, paddle, foil, giant paddle and canoe from 12 months!

Since 2007, Surf en Buch has been a traveling school looking for the best surfing conditions for you in Arcachon, Teste de Buch, La Salie and Biscarrosse-Plage.

Our paddle spot is magical, the sandbanks are discovered at low tide and make it a privileged spot on the Bassin d'Arcachon and sheltered from the currents.

Our experienced French state-certified instructors, aquatic lifeguards will provide you with quality courses for your pleasure and your safety.




Our Engagements


Experienced and motivated instructors

Our surf instructors are state-certified French since 2002, 2003 & 2007. Passionate about the ocean and surfing technique, they will make you progress at your own pace with pleasure and safety. 100 seasons of cumulative experience!

Collective Pedagogy

Our instructors constantly exchange views so that you benefit from an adapted approach in our groups organized by level. Our homemade level books structure your progress.


Eco - Precursors

Since 2007, we are innovators by our concept of surf and paddle school, our commitments and our ecological approaches.


Surf lessons Surf in Buch Arcachon La Teste de Buch

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