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La Salie Surf in Buch Arcachon La Teste de Buch


South Salie Beach

La Salie Sud beach located on La Teste de Buch is our beach dedicated to surfing, you can find us there in our 4×4. Positioned in the center of the beaches accessible by the Testerins, we can choose the best spot for your safety and your progress.


Arbousiers beach in Arcachon

Our paddle spot is beautiful and magical. Regulated by the tides and colored by the different heights of water above the sandbanks, this is THE favorite spot in Arcachon, sheltered from the current and the wind.

Indeed at low tide, the "Conche des Arbousiers" is a warm place ideal for the practice of paddle sports at all ages and all levels.

Paddle Surf Excursion in Buch Arcachon La Teste de Buch

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